Istikhara for Marriage Separation Problems in Hindi

Isitkhara for Marriage Separation

Istikhara For Marriage Problems

One can perform istikhara for all big and small decisions of their life. There is no limit to perform it. You can literally perform it daily to know what’s better for you. And, when it is about relationships, then you surely need guidance and help from Allah (SWT). And, istikhara is the only means where the Almighty gives you guidance and assistance Himself. So, whether it is about doing Istikhara for marriage problems in Hindi or finding solutions for your marriage problem, you can always do istikhara to find out what destiny holds in store for you.

Often people realize that their marriage is a mistake and they wish to separate from their partner. If you think that you have married the wrong person and you want to separate yourself, but you really have a slight doubt whether you should go for divorce or give your relationship another chance, then you can perform Istikhara for marriage separation guided by the experts at Marriage Istikhara. This form of istikhara will help you realize that your marriage was the right decision or not and the idea of separation is best for you or not. At Marriage Istikhara, we help you know exactly the right verdict of istikhara.

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Istikhara For Marriage Separation

Istikhara for Marriage Separation Problems in Hindi

Whether you want to perform Istikhara dua for marriage, we will give you accurate results. All your desires will come true with our astrological support. If your marriage is suffering from a bad time, then the very first step which a reasonable person should take is to go for marriage Istikhara for problems. The Istikhara will help you find the solution to end all your wedding woes. Once you know that Allah has wilfully chosen your spouse to be compatible with you, perfect with you, then you will not end your relationship at any cost, rather find ways to make things okay.

Namaz Istikhara dua for marriage separation is all about seeking Allah’s guidance. No wonder, if you are in any kind of trouble, you will turn to your Allah to make the big decision. Ending a marriage is one of them. So, you should definitely perform powerful dua e istikhara and Insha Allah, the Almighty will definitely answer your prayer. Allah Talah has mentioned the procedure of istikhara in Quran Shareef. But, we at Marriage Istikhara explain to you the full procedure if you are not familiar with the Arabic language. Tell us about the kind of istikhara you want to do and we will give you the right guidance.

Istikhara For Marriage in Hindi

The istikhara for marriage dua in Hindi is given below:

Recite two rakat namaz at night after the namaz of Isha and then recite this dua:

Allah Humma Inni Astakhiruka Bilmika, Wa Astaqdiruka Bi Qudratika, Wa Asalaka Min Failka Al Azlm Fa Innka Taqdiru Wala Aqdiru Wa Talamu Wala Alamu Wa Anta Allamul Guyub, Allah Humma In Kunta Ta’lamu Anna Hadhal Amra Shar Run Li Fi Dini Wa Maa’shi WaAqibati Amri Fasrif hu Anni Wasrifinianhi Waqdir Li Al-Khaira Haithu Kana Thumma Ardini Bihi

Insha Allah, this difficult time will end and your life with your spouse will become very good and content. In case you need any help, feel free to come to us.

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