Dua To Make Someone Miss You and Think Of You

dua to make someone miss you

Dua To Make Someone Miss You

Dua To Make Someone Miss You

If you have been trying to contact your ex or the person you love but they are still not showing any interest or are upset with you, you can sue the dua to make someone miss you and shift things in your favor. This dua will infuse them with love and desire for you, which in turn will make them want you:

  1. Sit in a quiet place after making wudu.
  2. Recite Surah tauba 5 times.
  3. After this recite this dua, “Yajfan gafar ompina toqaari walari qoray tonami sa vaila riba simah” 300
  4. In the last, plead Allah to reunite you with the one you desire.

If you have a crush on someone and you want them to love you back, you can take the help of dua to make someone miss you first. This is a great Islamic solution to make someone think about you.

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Dua To Make Him Miss Me

If you wish to know the complete process of performing the dua to make him think of you, we have mentioned the process below:

  • Begin with performing the ablution to clean yourself.
  • Wear fresh set of white clothes and sit on your prayer mat.
  • Begin reading Durood Shareef three times with the Surah Ya-Sin.
  • Recite this Dua to make someone think of you 232 times.
  • At last, pray to Allah SWT for making your wish come true. Ask him to accept your dua to make him miss you and think of you.

Dua To Make Someone Think of You

Frequently, beloved individuals part ways due to conflicts and differences. This leads to to silence and no communication. If you’re seeking a prayer from the Sunnah to rekindle connection, such a supplication exists in the Quran. Let’s explore which specific dua to make someone think of you serves this purpose. 

But before getting into what duas can help you win your love back, we must tell you some rules while performing these duas.  

  • Maintaining concentration and focus during Dua is crucial, as it constitutes direct communication with Allah (SWT) for guidance and assistance.  
  • Avoid making demands or negotiations; instead, sincerely trust in Allah’s divine will.  
  • Have unwavering faith in the acceptance of your dua and believe in Allah’s wisdom.  
  • Refrain from doubting His plan.  
  • Women should avoid performing this dua during their menstrual cycle.  
  • Acknowledge even minor mistakes while you perform this dua, seek forgiveness to prevent recurrence. Whenever any mistakes occur during the dua, say “Astaghfirullah” ten times before restarting. 

With the help of this surah dua, you can make another person fall in love with you again. Just recite the dua according to the complete guidance of our expert scholar. You can also get other suitable Islamic solution for your love related issues.

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