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Dua To Bring Husband and Wife Closer


Dua To Bring Husband and Wife Closer


Every family has some problems. Maybe their problems are not the same but we have a solution for every situation. Sometimes, the husband and wife do not get along well. They always have a difference of opinion between them. In such a kind of environment, the dua to bring husband and wife closer can bring peace. You might be facing quarrels each and every day with your husband or wife. Sometimes, fights might turn into ugly arguments. It is best to use the dua to make husband and wife closer before it gets too late.

The dua to bring husband and wife closer is also a helpful dua for all those couples who fight a lot. We have all come across some couples where the partners just keep on fighting with each other. They have no respect for each other’s opinions and decisions. This toxic phase of the relationship not only harms them but their family as well. The dua to bring a husband and wife closer can help couples get rid of all the toxicity of their marriage.

The dua to bring the husband closer to his wife is performed as per the following steps-

  • This dua can be performed at any time of the day as per convenience.
  • Perform wuzu and sit on the mat to begin the prayers.
  • First, recite Darood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then say these words: “Bismillaahii Alwaasaao Jallaah Jalaaluhoo”
  • You have to recite this verse 100 times without stopping.
  • In the end, recite Darood Shareef another 11 times.

Insha Allah, this dua will bring you and your spouse closer within a very short span of time.

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Dua For Husband And Wife To Get Back Together

After marriage, the life of every person revolves around their spouse. The foundation of a strong relationship between husband and wife is always blind trust in each other and true love. A marriage is happy and successful if the partners never take each other for granted. All these aspects are religiously followed by the husband and wife at the beginning of the marriage. As time passes by, the responsibilities the man and woman have in the marriage take a toll on their relationship.

These responsibilities sometimes become the reason for the distance between a husband and wife. The dua for husband and wife to get back together is an effective remedy to remove all the distance between the couples. This will help them make changes in their behavior to bring back the love in their relationship.

The process of reading the dua for husband and wife to get back together is done as per the following steps-

  • Take some sandalwood oil and drench a clean piece of cloth in the oil.
  • Enchant the first 10 verses of Surah Anfal.
  • This dua should be performed on a Sunday just after waking up at sunrise.
  • You should pray it within the first hour of the sunrise every Sunday.
  • After completing this process, rub the piece of cloth on the head of the husband and wife.

This powerful dua will bring back the affection in the lives of the couples who felt the lack of love in their marriage. This dua has helped change the dynamics of the marriage of many couples who were on the verge of a divorce.

Note: Females cannot recite the dua for husband wife love during their periods.


The Dua for husband wife can be used by any other relative and friend also. Yes, if you know a couple who fights a lot. Or if you know someone who is newly married. So, you can recite husband wife love dua their behalf. It is allowed in ISLAM. The dua for husband-wife love will help them in solving all types of marital problems and arguments, right in beginning.

It will prevent any sort of serious trouble in their lives. The dua for husband wife love will guide them to start an honest and happy married life, without any doubt or uncertainty.

If you feel your partner – husband or wife is behaving differently. Some third person is trying to put evil eyes on your relationship with him or her. You feel you are not receiving the deserved love or attention, then you need to use the dua to bring your husband back to you in this kind of situation.

So, no matter how difficult things may seem like, you can always put an end to a fight by using the dua to bring a husband-wife closer. You can reach us to get the best dua for husband wife love. Insha Allah, things will be joyful soon.

Dua To Reunite Husband and Wife

A lot of couples put their ego before their marriage. This will put their ego before their relationship can put an end to the marriage. After getting separated both the husband and wife begin to realize their mistake and think of ways that can reunite them. They often consult an Islamic scholar to know dua to reunite husband and wife.

There are a lot of couples in which the husband is short-tempered. In anger, he decides to leave his wife and family behind. This heartbreaking situation for the wife can be traumatic. To calm the anger of the husband and to bring him back to his family, the wife should know the dua to reunite husband and wife. We are now going to tell you the process of the dua through which a husband and wife can be brought closer.

  • Start with performing ablution as always.
  • Keep a portrait of yourself and the partner in front of you.
  • Place a glass of water and concentrate on it
  • Pray to Allah Tallah to bless with matrimonial bliss.
  • After that sip it slowly and keep on thinking about your spouse.
  • Next, you have to recite any of the verse of Surah and recite it at least nine times. You can take any verse as per your liking.
  • Next, chant this Islamic dua times “Al Bismillaah War Zaawu Tal Miraah Koiraalaa Waalod”
  • You would need to repeat this process twice a day. Once in the morning just after sunrise and then one time in at night before sleeping.
  • Do this regularly for a month and you will see the results happening really soon. You and your partner will get back together and live a happy married life.

Dua To Bring Husband Back

The most heartbreaking thing for any married woman is her husband leaving her for another woman. This situation is not only traumatizing but also shameful. Men often go after the younger women who want to trap them with an extramarital affair. This situation for the wife and the family is very painful. To make the husband realize his mistakes his wife should perform the dua to bring husband back.

With the help of the dua to bring husbands back, many women have been able to save their marriages. They have been able to get rid of the third person who wanted to ruin their marriage and bringing back their husband to their home. This dua has saved a lot of families from breaking apart.

Let us now go through the procedure of performing the dua to bring your husband back.

Waal Kazinmenaal Ghaaizaa Wal Aafeenaa Aninaasi Wallaaho Yohibbul Mohsininn

This is the dua that a woman has to perform to bring her husband back.

  • Keep a glass of water in front of you.
  • Then recite this dua mentioned above a hundred times.
  • Then, drink this water. Take three sips from the glass and make your husband drink from this water as well anyhow.
  • Continue this process for 45 days without stopping.
  • Pray to Allah for solving your problems with a pure heart. InshAllah, your problems will be solved.

To know more details about any of this dua, call our Maulvi Sahab for a personal consultation.

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Dua For Love Back

dua for love back

Most Powerful Dua For Love Back

If you want to make someone love you back quickly, the dua for love back in 3 days is successful. This dua for love back can also assist you in getting your ex-lover back in your life. As a result, Our renowned Hazrat Sufi Mahbub Shah Ji introduces certain duas for love in three days. The most powerful duas to get love back in 3 days are Surah Al Qariah for love back, most powerful dua for love back, dua for ex-love back, Amal for love back, dua to make someone love you back, dua to get your true love back, dua to make your ex come back, and dua to make your ex come back.

Here is the procedure you need to complete to perform dua for love back-

1. Make fresh wudu first.

2. Then, say the Isha prayer.

3. Recite Durood-E-Shareef eight times.

4. Recite Salatul Hajat Wazifa five times.

5. After that, read Surah-Ar-Rahman once.

6. Finally, pray to Allah to bring your true love closer to you.

7. Inshallah, you’ll be able to meet your needs shortly.

This Islamic dua for getting your love back should be recited every day as guided by our Molvi Ji. It is the easiest way to help you in getting your lost love back soon. You need to recite the Islamic dua for love back with complete faith.

dua for getting lost love back

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Dua For Ex-Love Back

The dua for Ex-love back – Surah Anfal (verse number – 63)

One can use the above-given most powerful dua for love back to fix their relationship. The dua can rebuild the lost love in any broken relationship or marriage. It can bring love into one’s heart for the person reciting the dua for Ex-love back.

So, if you recite the dua For Ex-Love Back after the Fazr namaz with honest and pure intentions of loving and marrying a person, INSHA ALLAH, if Almighty may grant, then you two can be together, once again. Alhumdulilah!

If you miss your lover badly and want them to return to you at any cost, then make the most powerful dua to get love back, and Insha Allah, with the grace of Almighty, your lover will come back to you. You can enquire about our Molvi Sahab about the dua for love back and get the process of reciting the most powerful dua for getting your lost love back in the right manner.

Dua To Get Love back in 3 Days

If you are trying really hard to create love in the heart of your ex-lover for you, then you can use the most powerful dua to get love back in 3 days. It will just take effort and dedication of three days and it is done. 90 percent of people get their lost love back in the first trial of the dua to get love back in 3 days. If it does not work for you, then cross check the procedure with Molvi Sahab to prevent errors.

most powerful dua for love back

Dua for bringing love back is given below:

1. First, conduct ablution and dress cleanly.

2. Then, read Durood-E-Sharif 23 times.

3. Recite Ayat-Al-Kursi nine times while picturing your true love.

4. Finally, read Durood-E-Sharif 23 times.

5. Repeat this wazifa for 31 days.

6. Finally, pray to Mighty Allah, asking Him to bring him/her back to you.

7. Inshallah, you will get your wish granted in no time.

If you don’t see any fruitful changes in 31 days, come to our Molvi sahab for more customized solutions. He will guide you with personalized dua and wazifa to bring your ex-lover come back to you.

The dua to bring back lost love will definitely reward your efforts. You can use this blessed dua, to plant the seeds of affection, trust, and love in your ex-lover’s heart for you. If you really love someone but cannot make them believe that then the dua for lost love back will help you in showing your lover. They will fall in love with you and will also want to marry you. It is important that you use the dua to get lost love back, only with the intention for marriage. And not to hurt anyone.

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Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart

dua to increase love in husband heart

Dua To Increase Love in Husband’s Heart

When a man and woman get married, they make promises to love and understand each other for the rest of their life. A man promises to be a loving husband while a woman promises to be a dutiful wife. There are a lot of men who love and respect their wives. On the other hand, there are men who do not treat their wife with the love and respect she deserves. Any woman who is keeping her side of the promise and being ignored by her husband would feel disheartened. To try to make her husband love her, a woman should read the dua to increase love in husband heart.

A woman who has been married for a long time might feel that the love between her and her spouse is lost. This feeling of loss of love makes her feel helpless and scared. She feels helpless because she has no way to bring the love back into her life. She also feels scared because she fears her husband might leave her for another woman. This feeling of helplessness and fear can be removed by the dua to increase love in husband heart.

Let us now tell you how you can make your husband love you more with the process of this dua to increase love in husband heart:

  • You have to perform this dua after the Maghrib namaz.
  • Place a photograph of your husband in front of you.
  • You have to always keep on looking at the photograph while performing the dua.
  • Start reading the Durood Shareef five times.
  • After completing the readings, chant “Ya Wadudoo” about 500 times.
  • After the chants, you have to read the Durood Shareef five more times
  • You have to continue performing this dua for seven days without missing a single day.

Dua To Make Husband Listen To His Wife

The marriage between a husband and a wife is a sacred relationship in the eyes of Allah. The love and trust between the husband and wife are the basis of a happy marriage. In a marriage, both husband and wife should treat each other as equals. A woman should respect her husband and his family. Also, a man should respect his wife and prioritize her choices in the relationship. This equation in a marriage is what makes a marital relationship happy and successful. This can happen with the dua to make husband listen to his wife.

Dua To Make Husband Listen To His Wife

Our Maulvi Sahab has also consulted many women who come to him with such a problem. He has advised them to perform the dua to make a husband listen to his wife. This dua to increase love in husband’s heart will put some sense in the mind of the husband. He will begin to judge people better. He will begin to understand the true nature of his wife. Also, he will realize the true intention of the people who instigate him against his wife.

The dua for making a husband listen to his wife is performed in as per the following process:

  • After offering the Ishaa namaz, begin the process of this dua.
  • Complete 22 recitations of the Durood Shareef.
  • Then, recite the 47th ayat of the Surah Hijr 101 times.
  • Complete 777 recitations of this verse: Inna Allahaa Yusmaiyuu Maya Shauuin a soft voice.
  • At last, recite Durood Shareef 22 more times.

Within a week of performing this dua, you will soon begin to notice the change in your husband’s behavior.

Surah To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife

Dua To Control The Anger Of A Husband

Every wife only deserves the love, care, and affection of her husband and nothing else. However, some husbands do not even care about the feelings of their wives let alone love them. These men just show their anger towards every effort their wife makes to win their heart. The wife in this situation should use the surah to increase love between husband and wife. This powerful dua to increase love in husband heart will make her husband’s nature calm and patient. He will begin treating his wife well and never misbehave with her. The dua to remove the husband’s anger is a very effective remedy. It will affect both the mind and heart of the husband and eventually he will become an ideal husband for his wife.

Now let us go over the process of performing this dua to remove the husband’s anger for the best results.

  • The wife should recite the dua after the obligatory prayer of the night.
  • Before performing this dua to, the wife has to keep two almonds on her tongue.
  • Then she has to recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then she should recite the surah rum ayat 21 wazifa 41 times.
  • While reciting this dua, keep on thinking about your husband.
  • This is the most important dua that should be recited very carefully.

Bismillaah Hi Alwasaao Jallaah Jalaaloho

To get rid of the fights forever, women trapped in such a situation should consult an Islamic scholar.

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife

When a woman performs the dua to increase love between husband and wife before getting married, her marriage becomes happy. If this dua is performed before marriage, it makes the future husband of the woman respect her choices even before getting married. This dua to make husband listen to his wife makes the future husband of a woman always think of her choices and priorities. This habit of respecting her opinion will also continue after marriage which will keep their marriage happy and successful.

  • This dua to increase love between husband and wife is the main dua that will bring a change in your husband’s behavior.
  • At last, take out the almonds from your mouth and put them in a clean bowl.
  • Later use these almonds in your husband’s food.
  • Also, keep on asking Allah to bring a change in your husband’s angry nature.
  • Within a week of performing this dua, you will see a great change in your husband’s behavior.

If you want more details about this dua, then you should talk to our Islamic scholar for direct consultation.

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Dua For Marriage With A Loved One

Dua For Marriage in Islam

Dua For Immediate Marriage 

Do you want to get married immediately to a specific person? Then, here is a dua for marriage in Islam that we can provide you with. We understand that a lot of our Muslim brothers and sisters are facing marriage problems. Sometimes, we like a person but it gets difficult to marry him or her. In such a situation, to marry a loved one immediately this Islamic dua for marriage is used.

With the help of the dua to get married, the person whose marriage was getting delayed will get married soon. This will happen because this powerful dua will help them get the perfect marriage proposal for which they have been waiting all along. So, a person desperate to get married should waste no time in beginning the recitation of this dua for immediate marriage.

Now, let us now tell you the process of dua for marriage : 

  • Sit down on your prayer mat after performing ablution.
  • Sit on your knees on the mat.
  • Put a piece of raw turmeric and a sugar cube before you.
  • Begin reciting the All-Ahus Samad 1100 times.
  • After completing the recitations, blow over the turmeric and sugar cube.
  • At last, you have to feed these things to stray dogs.
  • Within a few days of performing this dua, you will get the proposal of your dreams immediately. You will see instant results of this dua if you perform this dua with pure intention.

Dua For Marriage To The One I Love

It may be very frustrating to have no partner with you. To get rid of the negative energy building up inside you and to find the right partner for yourself you must recite the dua for loved ones in Islam from today only. If you feel that you have already waited enough, then the dua for immediate marriage in Islam is the best solution for you.

So, if you are tired of rejections and delays then give the dua for successful married life in Quran a chance and wait to see the amount of joy it will add to your life, Insha Allah. If you already have a person on your mind with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, then the dua for marriage with the one you love is the best way to achieve your goal.

The dua for marriage with a loved one – 

“Baaraakaa Allahuulaaka; Wabaarakaa Alaykaa Waahaamaaya Yaanaakuumaa Feee Khayree” 

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Dua For Marriage with A Loved One 

If you are wishing to get married to the love of your life and are looking for the dua for marriage to the one I love, perform the following dua:

Auzu Billaahi Minash Shaitaanir Rajim Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem Assalaatu Wassalaamu Alayka Ya Rasoolallah Sallal Laahu Ta’ala Alayhi Wa Aalihi Wa Sallam 

Recite this dua to get married to a loved one 1100 times for 21 days with the two almonds. After the completion of the dua for love from the lover blow on the almonds twice and give it to the person you love.

Insha Allah, when you will recite the above-given dua for marriage to marry a girl of my choice in the Quran with complete faith and belief in Allah, your prayers will definitely be answered. If you want to know the best ways and wazifa to make someone agree to a marriage in Islam, you can reach us anytime. We will be happy to serve the Ummah of our beloved Prophet (SAW). Kindly, recite the given dua to make someone agree to the marriage and get married to your beloved soon. Ameen!

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Dua For Getting Good Husband

Dua For Husband Wife love

Dua For Getting Good Husband 

A good husband is the most significant gift for a wife. You can still live happily if you have less money but a loving husband. But, if your husband is not understanding, then all the world’s joys are not enough for a woman. Therefore, it is essential to make your girls recite the dua for getting a good husband. Yes, we request our sisters to guide their daughters to read the given dua for getting a suitable life partner regularly. 

The dua for getting a good husband is given below:- 

1. Begin with ablution. 

2. Then, repeat Durood-E-Paak 21 times. 

3. After Isha Namaz, read “rabbi innie limma anzalta ilayyaa min khairiin faqir” 101 times.

4. Finally, pray to Allah, asking Him to make it easier for you to meet your ideal companion.  

5. Say this wazaif for 22 days.  

6. Inshallah, you will discover your perfect match.  

If your daughter is of marriage age, then she should recite the given dua for getting a good husband, every day after Namaz e Esha. But, no girl should this dua during her menses. This dua for getting a good life partner will help you in receiving the best marriage proposals for your daughter. If a girl wants to have a beautiful life with her life partner then it is advised to read the dua for a good life partner as soon as your marriage is fixed.

Dua For Finding Good Future Husband 

Alhamdulillah! Once you feel that you have found the right man for yourself, you must make dua for finding an excellent husband to give a good start to your marital life. Every girl desires a beautiful life with her partner; This dua for a good husband can help you achieve that. You do not need to make any effort. Just believe in Allah SWT & in the mystical powers of making reasonable husband dua. Insha Allah, with the help of the dua, for a suitable spouse in Islam. This dua for a future husband will get you a loving partner who would do anything to make you happy.  

Dua For Finding Good Future Husband is here- 

1. Begin with wudu.

2. Recite Durood e Shareef five times. 

3. After that, read Surah Fatiha five times. 

4. Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas five times after that. 

5. Recite Surah Alam Nashrah 21 times after that. 

6. Then, repeat Surah Duha 21 times. 

7. Recite Durood e Shareef five times more. 

8. Finally, pray to Holy Allah and beg Him to assist you in meeting your future husband as quickly as possible. 

9. Inshallah, you’ll meet your Hajat soon. 

To strengthen the bond between you and your partner, you can use the dua for your husband’s love. If the love between a man and his wife increases, the relationship gets better and stronger. So, if you want it to happen, you must use this wazifa for the love of husband and wife

Dua To Love Of Husband and Wife 

This is a very powerful dua to increase love between husband and wife. It can add honey, care, and attraction to your marriage relationship. If you wish to make your relationship more exciting, start using this dua to increase love between married couples. Any married man or woman can use this wazifa for love between husband and wife to make his or her marriage relationship better. You can also use the dua for a married couple on behalf of a couple you care about.

Follow this Dua To Love Of Husband And Wife- 

1. Begin with ablution.

2. Recite Durood-E-Shareef 121 times after that.

3. Then, without pausing, recite Bismillah 23 times.

4. After that, read Surah Tauba verse 129, 1100 times. 

5. Recite Bismillah 23 times more. 

6. Recite this wazifa for one month. 

7. Finally, request that Allah make the person you love marry you. 

Allah knows the best. Seek his blessings and forgiveness, and you can get everything you wish for her. Quran is the most significant gift to mankind. The holy scriptures have the best wazifa for husband-wife love and other related concerns. You can always make things work; you need the right Islamic solution. For the best and quick answers for any love and marriage-related concerns, kindly reach our expert Islamic scholar. Try something that can help you instead of blaming yourself. 

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Dua To Make My Husband Love Me

Dua To Make My Husband Love Me

Dua To Make My Husband Love Me

Dua To Make My Husband Love Me English

Women all around the world want their husbands to love them unconditionally and make them their queen of heart. But if your husband hasn’t been behaving lovingly towards you and has been taking you for granted then you should take the help of the dua to make my husband love me again in English. With the help of this hadith, you would be able to spark love in their heart and win them all over again. Reading the duas and wazifas for maintaining the quality of the relationship is a very effective way to resolve the issues of married life.

Steps To Perform To Make Your Husband love you:

  1.  Take a shower first.
  2.  Recite Durood e Ebraahimi 45 times after that.
  3.  After that, say “Yaa Waaliyo” 1001 times.
  4.  Finally, pray to Allah, asking Him to make him attracted to you and listen to what you have to say.
  5.  Inshallah, you will soon meet your Hajat.

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Dua For My Husband To Love Me

Dua to Make My Husband Love Me Again

If your husband lives away from you and has been avoiding you then you should take the right action immediately. If you feel that he has stopped behaving like before and has been neglecting you then read the dua for my husband to love me. Inshallah within a few days you will start feeling the difference in his behavior. He would start behaving lovingly, spend more time with you, and would give you all the attention that you crave.

Follow this ritual to read this dua for your husband to love you:

  1. Make fresh ablution and offer Isha Namaz.
  2. Now read Durood E Sharif 3 times.’
  3. After this recite, “Ar Rahim Taqadam Birakkatik Ealaa li Wamusaeadati fi Alhusul Ealaa MaUrid” 303 times.
  4. In the end, visualize the face of your shohar and blow on it.

Follow this ritual for a week and you will start observing the changes in his behavior. This is the best way to ensure that everything in your relationship works out and there comes no rift between you two.

Inshallah, your husband will start treating you with the utmost love and will always be loyal to you. If he was getting attracted to someone and had been having an affair with them, then this dua to make husband listen to me in English will help you. It will make them forget about the other woman and will replace their thoughts with you. You will see that he would start behaving lovingly and will treat you with respect.

You can contact our maulvi ji for more information. He will listen to your problems and would give you the best remedies to resolve the issues of your married life.

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Taweez For Love Marriage in Hindi

Taweez For Love Marriage

Taweez For Love Marriage

Are you planning to spend your whole life with the one you desire? Are the hurdles in the path of your wedding stopping you from reaching your destination? If you have been making efforts for the marriage to happen soon but the things are not in your favor, this ultimate taweez for love marriage will help you. It’s the most reliable strategy for eliminating major obstacles like negative opinions and time constraints so that your nikah goes off without a hitch.

If you are tired of convincing the parents for your nikah and they are not accepting your relationship, then you should take the help of this taweez for marriage in Hindi. Many people take their help to get what they want as they are effective in resolving the issues faster than. They are powerful and effective in solving issues related to marriage. As you cannot force your parents to accept your relationship, you can convince them of its help. It will make them understand your point of view and will soften their heart towards your relationship.

Taweez For marriage

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Taweez For Marriage in Hindi

Many couples have to break off their relationship under the stress of the family and have to marry someone else. This can ruin the lives of the people and also lead to divorce in the future. For marriages to be successful understanding and compatibility are equally important. The powerful Quranic taweez for getting married soon is going to help you to resolve these issues fast. Inshallah with its help you will be able to get the approval for your relationship and marriage soon. If you wish to get the detailed guidelines for the usage of the powerful quranic Taweez for love in Marriage.

The taweez for marriage soon in Hindi is also helpful in bringing the understanding between the partners and also bring back the passion in the relationship. Sometimes due to the challenges and trigger factors in life, affection in the relationship fades away. So to get them back you can try the easy taweez for love in Marriage. It is helpful in binding the other person and if you want to convince them for marriage, then this will also help you in that.

Quranic Taweez For Getting Married Soon

Quranic Taweez For Getting Married Soon

Call our molvi Sahab for Qurani taweez for a quick marriage. He has helped countless couples get married despite many obstacles.

When you will use it, you will understand its power within a few days as you will start seeing the changes taking place in front of your eyes. The long-stagnant process of the wedding will speed up and your nikah will take place soon.

Contact our expert maulvi Ji for getting the taweez for marriage soon in Hindi and also for marriage. This task requires a knowledgeable and expert person like our maulvi Saab. So reach out to him for more information and details.

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Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Powerful Wazifa For Urgent Marriage

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Getting married to one’s true love is the happiest time in a person’s life. When a person falls in love with a genuine person, both of them soon make a decision of marrying each other. This decision is frequently taken early on as a result of the awareness that they can no longer be apart.Also, the fear of losing each other makes them get into a commitment of a lifetime. But the biggest obstacle to reach the phase of marriage for some people is their parents. To solve this problem, we suggest the wazifa for love marriage to agree parents.

The process of performing the wazifa to convince parents for love marriage is written in the following steps:

  • After completing your daily namaz, begin reciting Darood Ibrahim three times.
  • Then, recite Surah Ikhlas 5 times.
  • Recite this prayer or wazifa at least 100 times: “Wala Houla Wala Quwata, Ila Billa Hil Aliyul Azeem”.
  • Make sure you perform Tauba Istighfar for every bad thing you have done in your life.
  • Perform Darood Ibrahim five more times.
  • At last, beg before Allah Tala to convince your parents for your love marriage.

If you are going to perform a love marriage with your beloved then it is most likely that you will face some opposition from one or more groups of people. Sometimes it is your parents or your siblings or maybe the society or relatives are against your love marriage. It is very difficult to please everyone. If you are of legal age then you can marry a person of choice without worrying about the relatives and society.

Powerful Wazifa For Urgent Marriage

The powerful wazifa for urgent marriage is very strong and it can help you in getting married to the person you like or love in just three days. If you are worried that you might lose your beloved soon then the powerful wazifa for urgent marriage can help you in getting him or her in your life, forever. These problems are quite common in a marriage of choice.

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

But, family especially parents play an important role in one’s marriage. They complete your happiness. So, if you want your family or parents to participate in your marriage happily then the wazifa for love marriage to agree parents is the best way to get it done.

Wazifa For Urgent Marriage is here-

  • Cleanse yourself.
  • Do bismillah 19 times.
  • Then, 71 times, read Salat al-Fatih.
  • You can now say the prayer for a quick wedding 1111 times.
  • Read the Salat al-Fatih again and say the Bismillah.
  • Lastly, pray to Allah that she will soon be married.

Wazifa For Marriage in One Week

Wazifa For Marriage in One Week

If you want quick and permanent results then practice the wazifa for love marriage to agree parents for the next 21 days without any gaps. Insha Allah, you will get married to whomsoever you like with your parent’s permission. Many times, we are afraid to lose our dear ones because time runs away very quickly. If you feel that you might lose someone if nothing is done quickly then the wazifa for marriage in one week is the best source of help for you.

Step-by-Step Procedure To Perform Wazifa For Marriage In One Week-

  • Go into a room where it’s quiet and clean up.
  • Then, get a water bowl and sit in front of it.
  • Then you must read Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then, pray to Allah for a quick marriage.
  • Now take a sip of water and wash your hands and face at the end.

The wazifa for marriage in one week will change your destiny. Insha Allah, if you will practice this magical wazifa for marriage in one week as guided by our Molvi Ji then you will definitely get married to a person of your own choice very soon. You can gather all your family together along with the family of your partner & celebrate your wedding in just 7 days by using this wazifa for marriage in one week, on a regular basis.

How To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

When a person falls in love with someone, things like caste, financial status and religion do not matter to them. But when these lovers decide to get married, their parents create an issue over these aspects. The biggest reason of parents not agreeing for the love marriage of their child is because their lover is from a different religion or caste. They might also have an objection over the financial and social status of their son or daughter’s lover. To get rid of all these objections, people who want a love marriage should perform the wazifa for convincing parents for love marriage.

There are a lot of people who have to break up with their lover because their parents do not give consent for their marriage. Such parents also build pressure on their children to get married to a person of their choice. This situation can be very difficult to handle. Even after breaking up, people keep on trying to convince their parents to love marriage. The best method to make your love marriage possible is the wazifa for convincing parents for love marriage.

The wazifa for convincing your parents for love marriage should be performed as per the following steps:

  • You have to sit in a quiet and isolated place to begin the process of this dua.
  • Light an oil lamp (diya) in front of you.
  • Then begin reciting this dua: “Illaayaa Faqeerin Liimaa Rabbi Salaahaa Waallaah”
  • Recite this dua for 71 times without stopping.
  • To get the best results you have to perform this dua for 30 days without missing a day.

If you perform this dua with a pure heart and intention, your parents will soon get convinced about you marry your lover.

Ya Latifu Wazifa For Love Marriage

When two lovers decide to get married, they want their marriage to happen as soon as possible. There are a lot of duas and wazifas written in the holy Quran that help people in every aspect of life. For having a love marriage quickly, the ya latifu wazifa for love marriage is the best remedy.

This wazifa assists individuals in marrying the love of their life. From convincing their parents for love marriage to the marriage being a happy one, this wazifa plays an important role in every aspect. The Yaa Lateefu wazifa for love marriage makes sure that people never have to face any kind of problem in getting married to their lover. This also helps them in living a happy married life with their spouse forever.

The Ya latifu wazifa for love marriage can also be performed by the people who want to find love before getting married. This helps them find a person to fall in love. This wazifa is a powerful remedy that helps people in changing their destiny.

It assists them in finding their chosen partner.Within a short time of meeting this person, they fall in love. Very soon they might decide to have a love marriage. This wazifa will also make sure that there are no problems in the marriage of these two people.

Let us now tell you the process of performing this wazifa.

  • There is no specific day to perform this wazifa.
  • Perform fresh ablution before beginning the process.
  • Begin reciting Darood Shareef 11 times.
  • Start chanting Ya latifu for love marriage 129 times.
  • Again, recite Darood Shareef eleven more times.
  • Finally, pray to Allah for guidance in selecting a spouse, and tie the knot as soon as possible.
  • You should perform this wazifa every day for thirty days straight.

If you want to know more details about any of this wazifa, please call our Maulvi Sahab for a personal consultation any time.

We request you to practice the wazifa for marriage in one week with complete faith and Insha Allah your prayers will be answered soon! Ameen!

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Wazifa For Success in Everything

Wazifa For Success

Wazifa For Success

Assalamu alaykum! Today I’m going to share with you a Qurani Wazifa for success in everything. Read the best Dua of the day, and you’ll be happy and successful in life. We all want to be successful in different fields of life. We wish to accomplish our dream and achieve our ambitions. However, without the will and support of Allah talah nothing is possible in this world. Hence, it is important for you to recite the wazifa for success to get successful in any task you want to do. The wazifa will enhance your chance of success and help you reach the stage in life which you have always wanted. No matter it is studies, exams, marriage, business or job, the wazifa for success works in every scenario.

Here is the Wazifa For Success-

  • Leave all the unethical or unfair practices first. Recite Darood-e-Ibrahim daily after morning Namaz. It will progressively develop your desire to live like a successful person, and you know, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
  • Before you sleep at night, you must say Isha’s prayer. Keep doing this for 21 days in a row.
  • Allah will change your days. You will get significant success.
  • Just put your faith in Allah. He is kind to his people. But remember that you still have to pray even after the success and Barkat comes.
  • As you know, this true prosperity will lead you to Jannat. Nothing else will change.

Best Wazifa For Success

Best Wazifa For Success

Suppose you have a competition and you want to get successful in that or you have a presentation in office and you want it to be a hit, then best wazifa for success will be of great help to you. The wazifa will bring favorable results for you and things will fall in your favor. But, remember whatever it is, it should be halal and legit. You cannot recite wazifa for success to get successful in anything haram or illegitimate. and InshaAllah, you will get its benefits.

Follow the Below mentioned procedure with a clear heart and pure intentions-

  • Before leaving home, read Darood-e-Ibrahim 21 times. You will only do well if you pray five times daily, like a real Muslim.
  • Put a cash vault or closet on the south or southwest wall and open it to the north.
  • Opening the locker in the north allows Allah to fill it again and again.
  • To attract success, place Quran Sharif in front of the study table or work table. It will boost the results.
  • Never accept or provide free services.
  • Donate monthly. You’ll stay happy and prosperous with Allah’s grace.
  • Respect women above all else.

Allah Talah has blessed humans with feelings and aspirations. It is their ambition that wants them to be successful in anything they do. If you also want to get success in anything you do, then you should practice wazifa for success in everything. The wazifa will help you in giving your best in everything you put your hands into. It will enhance your success chances and make you competent for everything. It will make you pass all the hurdles and obstacles with great ease. You will never face anything bad in your life.

Wazifa For Success In Everything

So, without giving a second thought just recite wazifa for success in everything and see how things turn in your favor. You can get the procedure of best wazifa for success from our molvi sb. He will explain you the right steps for it. If you have a lot of problems in life and nothing seems to work in your favor and you get negativity in everything, then you desperately need to perform wazifa for success. Recite the wazifa for your success as well as success of your dear ones. Insha Allah, you will get positive results very soon.

Wazifa For Success In Everything

Wazifa for success is given below:

After every namaz of Fajr, recite “YaMalikuYaMulki” 100 times and pray and plead to the Almighty to bring success in your life and end all adversity and bad luck. Insha Allah, you will get a lot of enhancement and success in anything you do.

Apart from this, you should also recite “YaAdlo” 104 times and pray to get success in a particular task. Insha Allah, you will definitely get successful.

Success enhances your self-confidence. But you should pray to Allah Talah to get successful and wazifa for success is the best method to get what you desire in the shortest period of time.

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Dua For Protection and Safety For Family

Dua For Protection and Safety

Dua For Protection and Safety

A safe and protected family is the dream of every parent and family member. Not only do the parents want their family to be safe and healthy but the children are also concerned about their families. So if you are a child or a parent or anyone who wishes nothing but the best for their family, the dua for protection and safety is the best for you. You can read the dua for protection for the family to save them from every harm and negativity around you.

The dua for family and security is also important and can help in the issues related to health problems. If you feel that your family members are frequently falling ill or have a list of chronic diseases, the dua for protection of family will help you. If you read the dua for protection for the family every day your family will always be protected from unforeseen circumstances and accidents. The dua is the most effective and the surest way to seek the blessings and protection of Allah, so read it daily to maintain the blessings in your life.

Dua For Safety And Protection Of Family

Dua For Protection For FamilyIf you feel that your house is under the attack of black magic due to which there are fights and conflicts in the family, you can use the dua for protection and safety. It will guard your house against the evil and negative spirits that might want to harm your family members. The dua for protection for family will fail all the negative intentions of your enemies to harm you and protect you. The negative energy of black magic can be harmful to each and every member of the family so this is why is important to solve this issue.

Bismillahillazi la yadhurrumaasmihi syaiun filardhi walafissamai wa huwassamiulaleem

Read this protection dua for safety every morning after your obligatory prayer. This dua for protection for family is the best dua that can help you to stand in any adversity and tough times. If you feel that your family members are not feeling good emotionally, then this dua for protection of family will be an added benefit along with your efforts to make things better.

Dua For Protection From Accidents

Dua For Protection Of FamilyAs we are living in the most uncertain of times when there are chaos and suffering everywhere, it is important to increase your faith in Allah and that he will make things better. For this purpose, you must read the daily supplications and the dua for the protection of accidents. It will strengthen your belief in Allah when you will see how he is answering your prayers and protecting your loved ones. The dua for protection and safety will help you in every way possible and will also protect your family from all the harm in the world.

Allahummahfazni minbaini yadaiywaminkhalfi waanyameeni, waansyimali wamin fauqi wa auzu biazomatika anughtalamintahti

This is the protection dua for safety from all types of problems in life. Read the dua will clean heart and thank Allah for everything. For more guidelines about the dua consult our maulvi ji.

Dua For Protection And Safety From Enemies

Bismillaahilatheee la yaadhuurrumaa as mihi shayun fil ardheewaalaafissamaeewaahuwassamee ul aleem

The English translation of dua for protection and safety – “In the name of Allah, nothing can harm in this world or in the heavens; he is all-hearing and all-knowing.”

If you say the dua for protection and safety at least three times in the morning, bad things won’t happen to you. Insha Allah, the dua for protection and safety from enemies will protect you from the moment you wake up and till evening. Next morning, you can recite this dua for protection and safety in a similar manner to protect yourself. So, we advise our friends to keep reciting the given dua for protection and safety before starting your everyday life.

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