Dua For Love from Husband – Dua For Love And Attraction in Marriage

Dua for Love in marriage

Powerful Dua for Love From Husband

The love between husband and wife is the strongest pillar of marriage. But this can be threatened by a lot of factors like increasing differences due to fights, misunderstandings, financial, communication, and family issues. This dua for love is for all the wives out there who wish to gain love back from their husbands.

Powerful Dua for Love

We are sharing with you a powerful dua for love from your husband that will help you to gain your husband’s love if you have lost that love due to any reason. It is important to get the love and attention back as in the long term this might affect the relationship very badly and might lead to divorce. Protect your marriage with this powerful dua for love from husband which is taken from the Quran. This dua for love has the blessing of Allah will bless your marriage with love and affection.

Perform this powerful dua for getting love from husband:

Waminn Ayaatihiii Ann Khalaqaa

Lakuminn Anfusiikumm Azwajalliii Taskunuu ilaihaa Waja Aalaa Bainakumma Wadda Tauwaa Rahmaa

Innaa Fee Zaalikaa La ayatilliii Qaumiyyaa Tafakkaroon

It is advisable to perform this dua for love in the morning after reading Quran Pak. Recite this dua for a week and witness the positive changes in your husband’s behavior. You can also perform this dua if you are worried that your husband is losing interest in you and does not care about you and you want to get his attention back.

Dua For Good Relationship With Husband

Arguments and fights are a common sight in marital life and every couple has to face this phase of life. Love and marriage do not come with a guarantee to make everything matter if anything it requires an unshaken faith and determination to make the relationship work no matter what. If you feel that the challenges of everyday life have stripped away the love and passion from your marriage, this Islamic dua for a good relationship with husband will help you to restore that.

Use the following dua for love and perform the following ritual to increase love in your husband’s heart:

  • Take a bath or wash your hands and feet.
  • Sit in the place where you will be least disturbed.
  • Now recite this dua to get love from husband, “ Ya Wadudu Ya Raufu Ya Raheemu” 333 times.
  • Send love and affection to your husband with your dua and thank Allah.
  • Repeat the ritual for a week.

This dua for love from your husband will increase the love and affection in your husband’s heart and you can enjoy his love and attention like before.

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Dua For Love in Marriage

A marriage is a beautiful amalgamation of love, understanding, care, trust, and friendship. But no relationships can work unless we are ready to put in the effort. If you want to maintain harmony in marriage and wish to increase love and understanding in your marriage, you can use the dua for love in marriages. This dua will induce love and attraction in your marriage making it possible to maintain a healthy and loving marriage.

Just follow this ritual and recite the dua for love and attraction:

  1. Make ablution after Isha Namaz and wear fresh clothes.
  2. Recite Surah Nisa 100 times.
  3. After this take a bowl of water and recite, “Wamaa lakum laa tuqaatilona fee sabee lillahi walmustag afeena minnar rijaali wannisaae walwildaani lazeena yaqoolona rabbana akhrijna min haazihil qaryati zalimi ahluhaa waujal lanaa mil ladunka walliyaa waa ujal lana mil ladunka naseera”300 times while visualizing the face of your husband.
  4. In the last, pray Allah to bless your marriage with love and blow on the bowl of water thrice.

Perform this ritual for at least 21 days and give the water to your husband or add it into his tea. Inshallah, you will start seeing positive changes in the behavior of your husband and your marriage will become blissful. The newly married couples, who wish to maintain love in their marriage, can also use this dua to gain love and respect from the husband. This is the best dua for love and marriage that can turn the course of events and save any failing marriage.

Dua For Love and Attraction

Dua For Love From Husband

Those couples, who are concerned about their love marriage, because their parents are against their marriage or are facing delay in their marriage, can use this dua for love marriages. Many couples have used this dua for love and affection and have received magical results. Within the eleven days of reciting this dua, they were able to convince their parents and society for their love marriage and were able to accelerate the long-awaited marriage process. The dua for husband’s love and attraction also infuse their heart with love for each other which adds as a benefit to make the process easy.

Recite this dua for love marriages “yaa noora kulli shay-in wa hudaahu antallad’ee falaqaz’ z’ulumaati binooruhoo” 100 times for 13 days and you will start seeing the results very soon. Make sure you perform this ya raufu wazifa with complete faith and pray to Allah to remove obstacles from the path of your marriage.

This will ensure that the marriage process moves on smoothly and will also entice love and attraction in the heart of your lover to the point that they will themselves come to asks you for marriage. You can also perform this dua for marriage to the one I love if you want to convince your parents for your marriage.

Many people have come back and reported the magical results of these duas. If you also wish to reap the benefits of this dua, contact our Molvi Sahab for further assistance. Leave your questions and queries in the comments below. May Allah bless you!

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