Dua To Stop Divorce – Powerful Dua To Save Marriage

Prayer For Divorce To Stop

Dua To Save Marriage 

Marriage is always the last resort for the sacred institution of marriage. Keeping the value of marriage in mind, a couple must do everything to save their marriage before making the decision to end the marriage. Even though there is a powerful dua to stop divorce in Islam, a couple must try the dua to save marriage.  

The dua to save marriage from divorce is an effective method to ask for Allah’s guidance to stop your precious relationship from ending. Reading the powerful dua to save marriage or the wazifa to stop divorce has the following benefits:  

  • In the matters of crisis, the dua to save marriage is the best supplication to ask for Allah’s guidance and wisdom.
  • Problems related to marriage need a lot of patience. With the help of the Surah Al-Qasas, you can seek patience to deal with your difficult times.
  • The Dua to save marriage from divorce from Surah Al-Baqarah, emphasizes on seeking unity and harmony in the family.
  • Istikhara for divorce is also an effective way to find out if ending the marriage is the right decision to take or not.

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How to Perform the Dua To Save Marriage From Divorce?

To perform the dua to save marriage from divorce, follow this process: 

  • Perform the dua to save marriage after the Isha salah. 
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times followed by Surah Ar-Rum 9 times. 
  • Chant Ya Wadoodoo 100 times.
  • At last, ask Allah to save your marriage and stop your divorce. 

As a couple, you and your partner must perform this dua to save marriage from divorce for at least 41 days. 

Powerful Dua To Stop Divorce In Islam

Couples who wish to resolve their issues might consider making a dua to prevent divorce because doing so would keep them from being split up. Families that are about to get a divorce but want to make sense of things can also benefit from this dua. We have several duas to help you in this regard, and you have the chance to prevent divorce by reciting these duas. 

Here is the procedure to perform Dua to Stop Divorce-

  • First, recite Durood e Ibrahimi seven times.
  • After that, repeat Surah Bakara’s Verse 5 twice.
  • Lastly, Recite Surah Yaseen beginning to third Mubeen.
  • Next, Recite Surah Fatir ten times.

This Dua to stop divorce will give you results instantly.  

Prayer For Strength During Divorce

Wazifa To Stop Divorce

The wazifa to stop divorce is a powerful prayer from the Quran. It is the most powerful Islamic prayer to prevent divorce from happening. To perform this wazifa, follow these steps: 

  • Begin with waking up early in the morning and making ablution. 
  • Sit on your prayer mat and start chanting Bismillah hir-Rahman Nirrahim 201 times. 
  • Then, recite the second ayat of the Surah Al-Baqarah 41 times. 
  • Do Tauba Istighfaar regularly especially after every salah. 
  • In the end, pray to Allah to bless and protect your married life. 
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