Dua To Make Enemies or Someone Suffer

If someone has hurt you badly but you failed to retaliate at that, then do not worry about it. You are at the right place. If you want to take revenge from your enemies or want to see someone suffer, then you must use the wazifa to make enemy sick at once. Yes, this amazing dua to make enemies suffer is meant for those people who have enemies willing to attack him or her anytime. Such people must use this wazifa to make enemy sick to finish off their opponents before they try to hurt them.

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

The wazifa to make enemy sick will make your foes realize that what they did to you was wrong. It will not only help you in seeking revenge but also make your enemies regret their choice to hurt you. The wazifa to make enemy sick will destroy them terribly that they will never in the future plan to hurt by any means. It is a big world with an ever-increasing population. It is very common to have enemies these days.

Dua To Make Enemies

Some enemies may hate you but are not dangerous physically or emotionally. But, most of the time, enemies try to hurt whenever they get a chance to do that. Therefore it is best to destroy someone by using the wazifa to make enemy sick before he or she conspire behind your back. The wazifa to make enemy sick is 100% halal as every individual has the right to seek Allah Subhan Wa Taala blessings to punish the enemies for hurting him or her.

Surah Kausar Dua To Make Someone Suffer from Pain

The dua to make someone suffer – Surah Kausar

Many times, we hate a person a lot but we can’t hurt him or her in any way. Sometimes, they are too powerful or out of our reach or most importantly it’s illegal to hurt anyone. You don’t want yourself to get into any legal troubles. Plus, using physical strength to hurt someone is wrong in Islam.

So what method can be better than seeking guidance from Allah miyan? You can request Allah miyan to hurt someone who has hurt you by making use of the dua to make someone suffer. You can request the Supreme Authority of this world to destroy someone whom you dislike the most by making dua to make someone suffer.

Dua To Make Enemies Suffer

If you want someone to pay for their mistakes and cruelty against you or any of your loved ones, then the dua to make someone suffer is the best remedy for you. The dua to make someone suffer will destroy that particular man or woman no matter how strong or influential they may be. No body has the power to stand against the outbreak of Allah SWT.

So, if you desperately want someone to suffer then start making dua to make someone suffer from today only. If you will recite the dua to make someone suffer and pray regularly, as told by our Islamic astrologer then INSHA ALLAH very soon, you can seek your revenge from your enemies!

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