Dua To Make Someone Miss You

Surah To Make Someone Love You

Surah Dua To Make Someone Love You

Are you the victim of unrequited love? Do you need a way to change your one-sided relationship into a mutual one? Are you looking for the best Surah to make someone love you? Keep reading the whole article as we are sharing a very powerful and effective dua to make him think of me. Making dua for someone you love has helped many people resolve the problems in their lives and you can also reap the benefits of this dua.

Breakup is the most heartbreaking phase of a relationship. Being separated from the one you love is the most painful feeling especially when you still love them. Do you want to get your love back after the breakup? Do you want a dua to make someone miss you so that you can communicate and make things better? We have the best and the most effective duas for reconciling with your lover after the breakup. You can also make a person thinking about you with the help of this Islamic solution. Just grab the surah dua to make a person love you from our expert Molvi Ji. With the help of this Islamic solution, your life will become happier. Just try this solution for better improvement in your life. 

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Dua To Make Someone Miss You

Dua To Make Someone Miss YouIf you have been trying to contact your ex or the person you love but they are still not showing any interest or are upset with you, you can sue the dua to make someone talk to you and shift things in your favor. This dua will infuse them with love and desire for you, which in turn will make them want you:

  1. Sit in a quiet place after making wudu.
  2. Recite Surah tauba 5 times.
  3. After this recite this dua, “Yajfan gafar ompina toqaari walari qoray tonami sa vaila riba simah” 300
  4. In the last, plead Allah to reunite you with the one you desire.

Continue this ritual for a month and you will get the desired results very soon. This dua will make your ex or the one you desire to realize your love for them. They might start contacting you and you can see the visible positive change in their behavior after a few days. Make sure you recite the surah to make someone fall in love with you with clear and pure intention and visualize the face of the one you lie to while reciting the dua.

If you have a crush on someone and you want them to love you back, you can take the help of surah to attract someone towards you. This is a great Islamic solution to make someone thinking about you. With the help of this surah dua, you can make another person fall in love with you instantly. Just recite the dua according to the complete guidance of an expert scholar. You can also get other suitable Islamic solution for your love related issues.

Making Dua For Someone You Love

Allahummaa Rabbanaass Ishhfii Antaa Aashafii Waa Aafii Antaa Almuaaffii Laa Shiifaa Ann il bee Shifaa Ukk Shiffaa Ann Layugadiiruu Saqamann Walaa Almayakaa Fii Yaa Wafii Yaa Hameeduu Yaa Majeeduu

Dua To Make Someone Talk To You

Recite this dua to make a person or someone talk to you 700 times for 11 days and Inshallah your crush will start confessing their feelings for you within a few days. They will start spending more time with you as this dua will make them bound to fall in love with you. An Islamic solution to make a person thinking about you is a great way for you. By the grace of Allah, you will get a true lover soon in your life. 

If you have any doubts or queries, you can leave them in the comments below and our experts will get back to you. To consult our Molvi sab for any assistance about the ritual or Islamic way to make a person miss you, contact the numbers provided. We assure the full confidentiality of the details of our customers.

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