Dua To Protect From Enemy – Dua Against Enemies To Be Destroyed

Dua Against Enemy

Dua Against Enemy

In today’s world, there is not a single person who doesn’t have an enemy around him. While some people have silent enemies others have very active enemies who are ready to do anything to damage your health, money, and repute. If you are also surrounded by enemies, then the very first thing which you can do is make dua to protect from enemy to Allah Talah and seek His protection. The dua will protect you from all the malicious attempts of your enemy and never let any of his bad ideas turn to reality.

If you think that your enemy is trying to harm your image, money or health and he is not stopping at any point, then it is time to retaliate. You should make dua against enemy to teach them a lesson. The dua will make your enemy stop immediately and never do anything against you. It will return all the damages back to your enemy and make him suffer for the sufferings he has brought to you. The dua against enemy will make Allah Talah take your revenge from your enemy and protect you from all his evil acts and thoughts.

Dua For Enemies To Be Destroyed

Dua For Enemies To Be Destroyed

If your enemy has brought you to the verge that your patience has ended. If you really want to make your enemy pay for all the sins and bad things he has done to you, then recite dua for enemies to be destroyed. The dua will avenge your enemies in the best possible way. It will make your enemy suffer in health, wealth and personal level. He will be devastated from all sides and never be capable enough to cause any kind of harm to you. The dua for enemies to be destroyed is a powerful dua to practice for the destruction of your enemies.

If you think that you just want to keep yourself protected and not take any revenge, then dua to protect from enemy is the best remedy for you. However, if you want Allah to punish your enemies and you rest your case in His court, then dua for enemies to be destroyed should be practiced. Recite the dua with great faith and determination to get desired results. It is important to consult our molvi sb. before you practice dua against enemy. He will guide you with the right procedure to perform it.

Dua To Protect From Enemy

Dua To Protect From Enemy

This is a very powerful dua to protect from enemy given below as:-

SubhanalLaahiWaTa’aalaAmmaUshrikoonWaRabbukaYa’ Lamu Ma TukinnuSuduruhumWamaYu’li Noon WahuwalLaahoLaaIlahaIllaHuwaLahulHamdoFilUlaWalAkhiratiWalaHulHukmuWaIlaihiTurJa’oon

Recite this dua 7 times after the namaz of asr and then pray to Allah Talah to protect you against your enemy and make your victorious. Insha Allah, no attempts of your enemy to harm you will ever turn to reality and he will always fail in his attempts.

In case you have any query related to the dua, you can speak directly to our molvi sab for help.

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