Dua for Lover – Dua For True Love for Love Ones

Dua For True Love

Dua For True Love

Everyone craves true love in this life. People are surrounded by so much fakeness that they would do anything to find their true love. But remember none can bestow you with true and sincere love other than Allah talah. Hence, you should make dua for lover to get the most sincere, faithful and reliable love from the person you are going to marry. One should always make dua for lover with the intention of marriage as dating relationships are haram in Islam.

Recite the dua for lover and Insha Allah, the Almighty will fill yours with true love. If you have been betrayed in love once and you cannot trust anyone, then you should make dua for true love and Insha Allah, the Almighty will bring your real love, your true spouse in front of you. He/she will be the person with whom you can spend the rest of your life. If you are looking for marriage but you want to marry someone who is deeply in love with you, then recite dua for true love and soon your soul mate will come searching for you.

Dua for Love Ones

Dua for Love OnesThe dua for true love has been taken from the Holy Quran to help everyone find their match made in heaven. With this dua, you will never come across anyone wrong. The person will never cheat on you or do any wrong with you. So, make dua for lover and fill your life with affection, love, intimacy, understanding, trust, and companionship. Your lover will soon transform to be your husband/ wife and give you all the happiness and pleasure of the world.

Apart from this, you may also crave the love of your dear ones. If you want your loved ones to always love you and care about you, then you should make dua for love ones. The dua will not just make your loved ones happy and prosperous but will also make them shower all their love on you. You can get the dua for loved ones from our molvi sb. Talk to him about its procedure and know about it in detail. If you are worried that your life is incomplete and you don’t have a person to share your happiness and sadness with, then dua for lover will fulfill this problem of yours.

Dua for Lover
Dua for Lover

Make dua for true love and bring a great partner to you. Make sure you recite it with the intention of marriage and nothing else. Dua for lover is given below:


Wa Tammat Kalimatu Rabbika Sidkan Wa Adlal La Mubaddila Li Kalimatihi Wa Huwas Sami’ul Aleem

Recite this dua 101 times and think of your true love entering your life. And, if you like someone and want to make that person your lover, then think of that person and blow. Insha Allah, soon you will get your true lover.

If you have any other queries related to the dua, you can contact us directly. You have to recite this dua for 41 days and then stop.

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