Dua For Good Spouse From Quran

dua for good spouse from quran

Dua For a Good Spouse From Quran

A suitable spouse can make or break your life. Allah Talah has said in the Holy Quran that a man earns from the fate of his wife; hence getting a good spouse is very important for both man and woman. If you are looking forward to getting married, you should perform dua on good spouse from Quran to get a pious and compatible partner. It will make you get a reliable, honest, and righteous partner. It will never allow you to marry someone who is not the right person for you.

Here is the dua for a good spouse from Quran:

1. Take a shower first.

2. Recite Durood e Ebraahimi 111 times after that.

3. After that, say “Yaa Waaliyo” 1111 times.

4. Recite this wazifa 11 days in a row.

5. Finally, pray to Allah, asking him for a good spouse.

6. Inshallah, you will soon meet your Hajat.

For those who are already married but are not happy with their partners, they can also make dua for a good spouse. It will change their partner and transform them into the person they desire. Suppose you want any particular trait present in your husband or wife, such as loyalty, affection, righteousness, or anything else. In that case, you can think of it and recite the dua for good spouse, and Insha Allah, the Almighty, will turn your dua for spouse into reality and bless you with the kind of spouse you desire.

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Dua For Spouse Love In Islam

dua for spouse

Sometimes your partner may enter infidelity and be disloyal to you. They may be flirtatious and be in relationships with other people too. If your spouse is of that kind, then you should make dua for spouse love, dua for spouse, dua for righteous spouse, dua for finding a spouse or dua for spouse and Insha Allah, they will withdraw their activities and get serious for you. They will start loving you purely and never look to any other person. If you are looking for this dua for good spouse, you should contact our Molvi sahab. He will direct you to the proper procedure for it.

Dua For Spouse Love

  • Begin with wudu and dress neatly.
  • Remember Allah’s seven names before reciting dua for spouse love.

Otthu Billaaahi Mminash-Shaaytaanir-Raajeem

  • Drink Zamzam water 3 times and visualize your husband’s face.
  • Inshallah, your husband will show you more love every day.

If you are going to get married and want a suitable spouse, then you should recite dua for spouse in Quran. It will help you get a partner precisely as per your expectations. If your parents are looking for a proposal for you, then dua for finding a good spouse will help you get the man or woman of your dreams. Surely it will not let any wrong person enter your life and will always bring you a compatible and righteous soul mate. So, without any worry! Simply perform the dua for a good spouse or the dua for a spouse, and you’ll see how it helps you find the right person.

Dua For Finding a Good Spouse

Dua for good spouse from Quran

  • Recite this dua after every salah at least 11 times and then pray to Allah talah for a good spouse
  • “RabbiInni Lima AnzaltaIlayya Min KhairinFaqeer”
  • People say that when Musa A.S. made this prayer to Allah Talah, Allah Talah answered right away by giving Musa A.S. not only enough food to last for 10 years, but also a wife.

It is a very powerful dua for a good spouse or dua for a spouse, so you should say it if you want a good partner and a happy life. For any other help, you can consult our Hazrat Sufi Mahbub Shah and get direct guidance.

Dua For Getting Good Husband

A good husband is the most significant gift for a wife. You can still live happily if you have less money but a loving husband. But, if your husband is not understanding, then all the world’s joys are not enough for a woman. Therefore, it is essential to make your girls recite the dua for getting a good husband. Yes, we request our sisters to guide their daughters to read the given dua for getting a suitable life partner regularly.

The dua for getting a good husband is given below:- 

1. Begin with ablution.

2. Then, repeat Durood-E-Paak 21 times.

3. After Isha Namaz, read “rabbi innie limma anzalta ilayyaa min khairiin faqir” 101 times.

4. Finally, pray to Allah, asking Him to make it easier for you to meet your ideal companion.

5. Say this wazaif for 22 days.

6. Inshallah, you will discover your perfect match.

If your daughter is of marriage age, then she should recite the given dua for getting a good husband, every day after Namaz e Esha. But, no girl should this dua during her menses. This dua for getting a good life partner will help you in receiving the best marriage proposals for your daughter. If a girl wants to have a beautiful life with her life partner then it is advised to read the dua for a good life partner as soon as your marriage is fixed.

Dua For Finding Good Future Husband

Alhamdulillah! Once you feel that you have found the right man for yourself, you must make dua for finding an excellent husband to give a good start to your marital life. Every girl desires a beautiful life with her partner; This dua for a good husband can help you achieve that. You do not need to make any effort. Just believe in Allah SWT & in the mystical powers of making reasonable husband dua. Insha Allah, with the help of the dua, for a suitable spouse in Islam. This dua for a future husband will get you a loving partner who would do anything to make you happy.

Dua For Finding Good Future Husband is here- 

1. Begin with wudu.

2. Recite Durood e Shareef five times.

3. After that, read Surah Fatiha five times.

4. Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas five times after that.

5. Recite Surah Alam Nashrah 21 times after that.

6. Then, repeat Surah Duha 21 times.

7. Recite Durood e Shareef five times more.

8. Finally, pray to Holy Allah and beg Him to assist you in meeting your future husband as quickly as possible.

9. Inshallah, you’ll meet your Hajat soon.

To strengthen the bond between you and your partner, you can use the dua for your husband’s love. If the love between a man and his wife increases, the relationship gets better and stronger. So, if you want it to happen, you must use this wazifa for the love of husband and wife.

Dua To Love Of Husband and Wife

This is a very powerful dua to increase love between husband and wife. It can add honey, care, and attraction to your marriage relationship. If you wish to make your relationship more exciting, start using this dua to increase love between married couples. Any married man or woman can use this wazifa for love between husband and wife to make his or her marriage relationship better. You can also use the dua for a married couple on behalf of a couple you care about.

Follow this Dua To Love Of Husband And Wife- 

1. Begin with ablution.

2. Recite Durood-E-Shareef 121 times after that.

3. Then, without pausing, recite Bismillah 23 times.

4. After that, read Surah Tauba verse 129, 1100 times.

5. Recite Bismillah 23 times more.

6. Recite this wazifa for one month.

7. Finally, request that Allah make the person you love marry you.

Allah knows the best. Seek his blessings and forgiveness, and you can get everything you wish for her. Quran is the most significant gift to mankind. The holy scriptures have the best wazifa for husband-wife love and other related concerns. You can always make things work; you need the right Islamic solution. For the best and quick answers for any love and marriage-related concerns, kindly reach our expert Islamic scholar. Try something that can help you instead of blaming yourself.

Hadith About Finding a Good Husband

  • Do appropriate Wudu before Asar Namaz (Purification.)
  • Recite (Salawat) 11 times.
  • Recite “Tasbih of Bibi Fatima” 34 times (34 times Allah’o Akbar, 33 times Alhamdollillah, 33 times Subhan Allah).
  • Read Surah Ya-Sin with pure intentions.
  • Next, recite the “Dua for Finding a Good Spouse” 124 times given below-

Wallaziena yaquolona Raabbanaa hab laanae mien azwaajienaa waa zuriyatinaa qurrataa a’yunienw waj ‘alna lilmuttaqeina Imaama

  • Ameen concludes your prayer.

Dua For Good Life Partner

A good life partner plays a very important role in making your life and hereafter better. With the help and support of a good spouse, you can make your life amazing. However, a bad spouse can wreck your life to the core. Hence, it is very important for you as a Muslim to pray for a righteous and pious spouse with whom you can confide and spend the rest of your life happily with. If you want your husband/ wife to be as per your expectations, then you should recite dua for good life partner, and Insha Allah, the Almighty will bless you with one.

  • Recite this beautiful ayat from Surah Al-Furqan 31 times and Insha Allah, you will find a good life partner for you.
  • WaHuwalLadheeKhalaqaMinalmaayiBasharanFaJaAlahuNasabawWaSihranWa Kana RabbukaKadeera
  • You should recite this dua for 21 days without any gap.
  • Make sure you recite DuroodShareef 7 times in the beginning and 7 times in the end.
  • Then pray for the type of spouse you desire.

In Sha Allah soon you will get your desire fulfilled. For any other query, you can contact our Molvi sab.

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