Dua For Protection From Evil Eye

Dua For Protection From Evil

How To Protect From Evil Eye

A large number of people in this world get affected by the evil eye. The evil eye is a satanic act that can only be controlled by reciting verses of the Holy Quran. There are several duas and verses in the Holy Quran which can prevent the evil eye. All you need to do is practice dua for protection from evil eye and jealousy to get rid of its effect. When you practice evil eye, it wipes out the bad impact of it and helps you heal from its negativity. The evil eye is known to create problems in your life in different situations.

It could be work-related problems, health-related issues, marital conflicts or problems in your kids. Yes, an evil eye can affect everything and anything. This is why it is said to include the name of Almighty Allah Subhana Wa’ Taala in everything you do. When you recite dua for evil eye, it helps you in alleviating its effect and makes you free from it. The evil eye protection dua is a great boon for all those who are a victim of an evil eye. Just recite it for the person who you think has been infected and it will heal him/ her.

Dua For Evil Eye

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Evil Eye Protection Dua

Evil Eye Protection Dua

If you think that your work has suddenly witnessed a loss or you may not be able to gain so much profit without any obvious reasons, then recite dua from protection from evil will help you out. The dua will be helpful and it will recover your business losses. Dua for the evil eye is a prestigious dua from the holy Quran to mend your losses that have taken place because of the evil eye. Sometimes people cast evil eyes unknowingly. Even when they positively say things in your favor without including the name of Allah, satan takes over and leads to the evil eye.

Hence, you should make evil eye protection dua to secure yourself and your loved ones from its impact. Recite dua for the evil eye every time you get a hint of it. You can get the procedure of how to protect from evil from our Molvi sab. Explain the kind of problem you are facing and he will guide you with the right dua. Don’t worry. The evil eye is not permanent and it will go away if you practice the dua for the evil eye in the right manner. So, just recite it with firm belief and it will work for you.

Dua For Evil Eye

Dua for the Evil Eye is given below for your reference.

Has Biyal Laahu Tawak Kaltu Alal Laahi Ih Tasamtu Billahi WaFa Waz Zat Amri Ilal Laahi Masha Allaho La Kuwata Illah Billah

Recite this dua 11 times and blow it on a glass of water. Give it to the person affected by an evil eye or sprinkle on the area you think has been impacted by it.

Do this for 7 days continuously day and night. Insha Allah, you will see changes. In case you don’t see any changes, then it may be a severe one. Contact our Molvi sab. for it and he will definitely help you out.

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